Why Choose Us?

Top 10 reasons to sell your property through public auction

Save time, money, and worries when you sell your real estate property by public auction. And Jay Edwards helps you avoid the many problems associated with traditional real estate sales.

1. You pay no commission unless the property sells.
2. Fees are lower than conventional methods - saves you money.
3. You pay no closing costs - period.
4. Large cash down payment ensures the property goes to settlement.
5. A shorter marketing period = Fast sale & settlement - don't waste time before seeing your money.
6. Less inconvenience with no last minute, unexpected showings.
7. No hassles or delays dealing with messy contingency contracts.
8. You sell the property on as is basis - no follow up repairs or complaints.
9. Protect your interest by setting a minimum bid.
10. Get the most for your property by letting Jay Edwards handle your auction.